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Social Media Management

Social Media Strategy

Social media can be used as a tool to help your business grow. At EMSC, we utilize social media channels to promote sales and alert customers of your services. We aim to engage your audience with up-to-date news, relevant topics, and ultimately drive new clients to your website. Not only will these social media outlets help your audience find you by boosting your online presence, but they will also keep your loyal customers returning back for more.

Like Us On Facebook

Are you ready to reach a massive loyal audience? Setting up a Facebook page is completely free. While you’ll have the option to create paid, boosted posts to market directly to your targeted users, the ease of setting up a Facebook page and the minimal labor cost it takes to connect with your fans is slim to none compared to traditional TV or radio spots.

What’s A Tweet?

Launching a new campaign? Incorporate your message through tweets and re-tweets and hash tags and more. Link your ideas figuratively and literally to your Twitter feed. Brand awareness just got easier! Oh, and let’s not forget that a Twitter feed will expose your business to potential fans using mobile.

Google Plus: The Underdog

So, Google Plus may not be as popular or widely used as its cousins, Facebook and Twitter, but if anyone has ever told you to “Google” something, you know that Google has made quite a name for itself. Google Plus is arguably the most important social network for your business, not to mention an integral part of your SEO strategy. Claim your business space on Google Plus and gain reviews and a verified map listing. Network with other businesses and build your network of contacts and customers and future clients.


Now that your Twitter account has hatched, your Facebook likes are on the rise, and your Google Reviews are top notch, let’s add a blog to the mix! Suddenly you are an established enterprise. Do you have a newsworthy announcement that just won’t fit in a Tweet? Now you can extend your social media posts into a full blog entry. Are you hosting a fundraiser? Do you want to feature a new employee? How about introducing a new service or product and detailing what it means for your customers. From tips and tricks to lovable office pets, your blog can be a unique edition to your website.

Social Media Management With EMSC

With our experienced content associates, you can be rest assured that your social media is in good hands. Many business owners do not have the time to write their own social posts, which is where we come in. From blogs to Facebook posts, we do it all! Social media is an integral part of any digital strategy, and we work hard to make sure that yours is well-maintained.

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