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Over the past 4 years EM Search Consulting has been a local SEO company in Chicago and a lot of our clients have provided us feedback about the benefits they feel they get from hiring a local SEO company. Since we have heard so much positive feedback from our customers we thought we would share some of the major benefits to hiring a local Chicago SEO company.

  1. The biggest benefit to hiring local is the fact that your SEO vendor knows your geography. They live there, know the neighborhoods and can give you some ideas about specific geographies to target based on the demographics in those areas. There are a lot of tools that can tell an SEO company which keywords people type in more frequently or which zip codes have a higher income, but nothing is better than real life experience that can be combined with that data.
  2. Accountability is another major great reason to hire a local SEO company. Given the fact that the digital advertising industry unfortunately doesn’t have the best track record of accountable businesses owners or trustworthy sources (ie: People calling you from Google that don’t actually work for Google) its nice to meet and greet your sales rep and the people doing the heavy lifting behind the scenes. At EM Search Consulting we offer monthly meetings in person with our local Chicago clients and monthly calls with our clients around the country.
  3. You can check their references with businesses you have actually heard of. We have heard a lot of stories from clients that switched to our services form other providers about fake testimonials from businesses across the United States. Its pretty hard to fact check if the person you are taking to or the email you receive as a vote of confidence is authentic sometimes but it is a whole lot easier if that same referral or testimonial comes form a business you have heard of, seen on TV or used yourself.
  4. In our opinion the number one reason to hire a local SEO company is because you are also a local business owner. Support each other. There are giant companies that you compete with every day and there are giant companies your local SEO companies compete with every day. Supporting local business is what keeps your business alive and the same can be said about ours.

If you are ready to hire a local Chicago SEO company and are interested in a FREE analysis of your current site contact us today!

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