As the Internet evolves to quickly eclipse traditional means of advertising, marketers must figure out where on the web their audience exists. And the answer is simple: Facebook.

Facebook’s enormous online community helped pioneer mainstream social media use and is now the largest network on the web. With just under 2 billion monthly active users and more than a billion logging on daily, Facebook users can be found on every corner of the planet. Facebook is both a global pipeline and a space for niche communities to find each other. This contrast of large and small-scale influence makes it an effective space for advertisers to reach the exact right audience.
3 million businesses actively advertise on Facebook. Here is why you should be one of them.


Facebook’s sophisticated targeting is the greatest advantage to this advertising medium. Of course, Facebook can target users according to age, gender, geography, interests and behaviors, all of which are important. But Facebook can even further define your audience by targeting attitudes, purchase behaviors, life-events, layer targeting, custom audience targeting, and even look-alike targeting. For example, a cheap auto insurance business can target users who fit all the following criteria: 18-34 years old, an income of less than 40,000, in the market for a pre-owned Toyota with intent to purchase within 6 months, and who reside in the Chicago area. Facebook’s advanced targeting algorithm gives businesses and advertisers the ability to expose themselves to very particular audiences.


Facebook remarketing allows you to show your ads to people who have visited your website and demonstrated an interest in your products or services. Facebook remarketing has a lower cost-per-click than search engine remarketing and a higher click-through-rate than regular Facebook ad campaigns. You can even customize remarketing segments by eliminating users who have completed a sale on your website.

Mobile Advantage

As with many social media platforms, users are far more likely to access the network via mobile. In fact, Facebook has 1.39 billion mobile visitors each month and about half a billion only access the network via mobile. The mobile advantage is the easy way in which mobile users are in a position to react to ads – particularly those with call buttons. Call buttons make conversions easy for ad audiences, and since most people are using mobile devices, lead generation is made even more seamless.
Facebook users spend an average of 35 minutes per day scrolling through the social networking platform. It is one of the most frequented social media sites, second only to YouTube. Facebook advertising offers the most sophisticated targeting options at a reasonable price. Expand your business’s online presence by advertising on the most popular social networking platform.

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