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Leverage Google Display Advertising To Grow Your Business

The Power of Visuals

The modern marketer’s ultimate task is to grab a user’s attention within a blink, and the human brain can process an image 60,000 times faster than text. There is no question as to why display advertising can be an incredibly effective strategy for your business, and EM Search Consulting can help you implement the right ads for the right audience at the right times.

Display Advertising Strategies

Google’s Display Network offers multiple strategies to expand your brand’s reach and grow your business. One of the most common strategies is remarketing. This is a highly-targeted form of advertising because it delivers ads and messages which are only displayed to users who have already expressed interest in your business by visiting your site.  Custom ads will ‘follow’ users to different pages in the Google Display Network to build exposure to your brand, increasing the chance of a conversion. Other strategies include targeting specific webpages or webpage topics/contexts, which allows you to either choose the exact sites to display your ads or the general topics of webpages to display your ads. You can also exclude sites that do not relate to your business. Finally, you can also target your display ads based on Google’s interest categories. For example, people who are researching fence designs, searching for local fence services, and reading fence contractor reviews would send a strong signal to Google that they in the market for a new fence.

Combining Display With Search

Display and search advertising have different payoffs, but when properly executed together they can create a powerful digital marketing strategy.   Ultimately, the combination of display and search advertising will help accelerate trust in your brand and increase the likelihood of a sale. If you have any questions about digital advertising, contact EM Search Consulting today.



Gain ad placements & maximize your sales through our display advertising strategies. EMSC offers display advertising services to grow your brand visibility and increase revenue.


Target users who are more likely to convert into paying customers. EMSC will work closely with your business to find a display advertising strategy that speaks to the right audience.


What you advertise is just as important as where you advertise. EMSC provides design services to customize unique display ads for your business.

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