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Digital Advertising

Pay Per Click advertising has been around for quite some time now but is still somewhat misunderstood. Although many people understand that Pay Per Click advertising means that the advertiser pays only for the traffic they get to their site, many people do not understand the complexity of how PPC pricing is determined. In most cases, the cost of the click is irrelevant since a click isn’t the same as a client or conversion. We aim for the perfect combination of keywords, targeted ads, bid strength and more—all to achieve the lowest priced lead possible.

As a business owner, you should care more about how much each new sale costs you than about how much each click costs. However, there are still plenty of steps we take to ensure a lower cost per click and thus, a lower cost per lead. Did you know that Google takes a lot more into consideration when determining the cost of each click for you than the amount of money you are willing to invest? Are you aware of what quality score is? Are you using site link extensions and adjusting your bids based on different targeted locations? Over the past few months PPC has become more and more complex but has also been providing better and better results if managed properly. At EM Search Consulting we can take over an existing campaign or help you start a new campaign all while fully tracking the success through call tracking, email tracking and any other goal metrics.

What Makes EM Search Consulting Different?

We execute advertising campaigns much differently than the typical ‘big box stores’ do with PPC. We tailor the campaign to custom-fit your business’ needs, all while giving you the attention you deserve. Our clients are encouraged to take full advantage of a monthly in-person or video conference meeting to discuss your results with the people that are actually running your campaign. Looking for customized reporting and conversion tracking? We offer custom reporting as well as flexibility for those ‘one-off’, detailed requests.

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