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EMSC currently helps over 130 local, regional & national businesses dominate their industries .

Why EM Search Consulting?

A Leading Digital Agency

EM Search Consulting was founded in 2012 by Olin Erickson & Matt Makris. Since 2012 EM Search Consulting has grown to become a trusted brand for digital marketing in Chicago and Nationwide. EMSC carries an unbiased perspective to digital marketing and is the only digital marketing company to boast fully transparent reporting. Looking for proof? Contact us today for a free, unbiased audit or speak to one of our many happy customers.

ROI Focused

We believe that digital marketing should be incredibly measurable. That is why our clients are able to track each lead they generate from all the different digital advertising products that we carry. If you are looking for an unbiased digital marketing company to become an asset for your business look no further than EMSC.

Unbeatable Results

EM Search Consulting has over 23,000 contracted terms on the first page of Google and has actively managed over $20,000,000 in Google Ads for our clients while maintaining a client retention rate over 95%.

Real Results

23,000 Keywords

EM Search Consulting has over 23,000 contracted keywords ranking on the first page of Google

98% Retention Rate

Nearly 100% of our customers renew their initial contracts.

Cost Efficient Leads

EM Search Consulting generates leads through organic search, paid search, social media & more.


Google Premier Partners

2018 marks the 5th consecutive year that EM Search Consulting has been named a Google Premier Partner. Each Employee of EM Search Consulting is Google certified and many employees are certified in all Google products.


“This has been the best business decision that I have made. They are not the first company that I have used but the will be the last. The results have been amazing.”
Chuck Mishoulam

Search Engine Optimization is complex and requires a full team to accomplish. Our SEO strategy includes on-page optimization, site structure, off-page link building, social media management, site speed optimization and user experience. To dominate the organic rankings requires every piece of your online presence to be running at full speed. This includes everything from making sure your business is represented accurately across all the important online directories to making sure your keyword density is appropriate on your site. Many SEO companies focus on just bits and pieces of what is needed for a truly optimized web presence. We use industry best tactics to optimize our client’s websites so they rank in dominant positions for terms that are heavily searched and relevant for their industry.


“We have used EMSC for PPC advertising, web design and other online advertising. They are very honest and do a great job with our advertising. I would recommend them to anyone looking to increase their online business. It has worked great for us.”
Gary Treinkman

Pay Per click advertising is one of the most effective ways of generating immediate results. EM Search Consulting we are a Google Premier Partner and has been ranked in the top 3% of all certified ad agencies in the United States for paid advertising management. We use industry best tactics to achieve unparalleled results. Have you been dissatisfied with Adwords in the past? Let us take a look and show you some examples of why our PPC management campaigns outperform the competition.


“EM Search Consulting handles all of our social media advertising and has helped us get a much lower cost per customer than traditional ads we have run with other companies.”
Jeff Rabin

Social media is everywhere….and your business should be too. At EM Search Consulting we offer basic social media management as well as complex marketing programs using targeted audiences through social media. Every client is different and has different needs. To see some of the amazing results we have generated through social media efforts please contact us today!


“EM Search Consulting built us a beautiful website at a fraction of the cost that others were quoting. The site is beautiful, functional and generates a high percentage of our business”
Michael Horn

A great website is the initial building block for your business in today’s digital environment. It is important to have a site that looks great, functions well and generates leads. At EM Search Consulting we design sites that make your business stand out at an affordable price.

Other Great Products

Social Media Management

Social media is an important part of every business in 2017. At EM Search Consulting we can construct a unique social media program for your business. We also offer targeted advertising programs on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks that are specific to your business. Contact EM Search Consulting today for a free consultation to discuss your social media strategy.


Retargeted Advertising, also known as remarketing, can be used as a retention strategy for your website visitors and customers. For example, when a visitor leaves your website and visits other sites such as social networks and news websites, they will be ‘followed’ by custom ads and messages from your business. You may choose to show them products that they have viewed, event or sale reminders, or general ads for your business. This is a highly-targeted form of advertising because it delivers ads and messages which are only displayed to people who are interested in your products and services.

Content Writing

Content writing is a growing component of search engine optimization. Most websites do not have enough content to be authoritative. Content is important for both user experience and search engine optimization. Our dedicated team of content writers are well versed in many industries and offer exceptional content.


Many businesses overlook photography. The truth is your website and your marketing materials are only as good as the photos you use with them. Stock photos are an ok option for some businesses but if you want your business to look like YOUR business we have you covered. Our photographers are ready to assist on your next project.


Video is one of the most consumable forms of media in today’s digital world. Having a video to showcase your business and products is important. EM Search Consulting offers video services to be used for professional commercials, web content and more.

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I rarely write referral letters, but our company has been so pleased with the results that EMSC has delivered in the past six months that I felt like I needed to make an exception!

Raj Srivastava, Alert Protective Services, Inc

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